Are you Interested in Breaking into the Fashion World?

By Bay State College on January 30, 2017

In this article, you’ll learn about what skills you’ll need as a fashion industry management major. You’ll also learn about all the benefits of taking up a course in the fashion industry at Bay State College.

Fashion Industry Management – A Fashion Designer Know-How

Having a flare for fashion is something you certainly possess if you’re considering taking up a fashion industry management program, but there are some traits besides that one that you’ll have to obtain in order to be a top-notch fashion designer. Among those traits, the one that really stands out, is a strong sense of business. This may come as a somewhat surprising fact, but understanding budgets, sales, and marketing concepts and communication channels are essential for every fledgling fashion designer. This prerequisite is beneficial in numerous ways, but the main benefit will be the fact that you’ll design something that’s not only fashionable, but also something that is sellable.

Creativity and visualization skills are the other sides of the same coin, as they represent the traits that you’ll get (if you don’t already have them), which will ensure that your creations are original. There are many different fashion industry management programs you could choose from, but what makes Bay State's Management - Fashion Industry Concentration program stand out is the careful implementation of the abovementioned traits into the coursework of the program.

No matter what you want to do in fashion, you'll need fashion skills as well as business skills to be successful. Educators in our Fashion program have real world experience in the industry and know this first hand. They College are there to take you through that process, which in turn enables you to be proficient in many different career choices after you finish your initial education. They also recognize the simple fact that in order to get some hands-on experience, you’ll have to do some real work!

This will be greatly beneficial to the understanding of your personal aesthetics, which is further enhanced by a learning environment that feels personal, as the classes are quite small in numbers, which enables you to even have one on one instructions, which is not the case with most standardized education systems. Some of the different career choices you could take up once your formal education is done are a textile designer, footwear designer, trend forecaster, visual merchandiser, product developer, and much more.

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