A Message to the Bay State College Community

By on April 22, 2013

Dear Bay State College Community:

This past week was a difficult one for the City of Boston, our nation, and for the Bay State Community. Unfortunately, our daily life was interrupted, but we are the lucky ones in many ways.  I am proud of the way the College responded in the wake of such tragedy.  Our students, staff and faculty were helpful, responsible, and listened to instructions.  Our staff was quick to alert the Bay State community of changing developments and to keep everyone alert and calm in tense situations. 

After such senseless acts of violence, many of us find it difficult to process the events that mark an inflection point in our feelings of safety and security.  The College has and will continue to provide counseling services for everyone who has been affected in any way.  We realize that many students and faculty will soon leave for the summer. Please rest assure that The College, with all of its support services, is here to welcome you back and reinforce that sense of community and safety.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us.  We are relieved that suspects have been identified and caught.  As a College in an urban environment, we all have responsibility to ourselves and to others.  It takes everyone participating as a community to maintain safety and security.  It is important that we all remain vigilant – whether that means keeping our “eyes open” when off campus, or doing your part not to allow strangers onto our campus and in our facilities.  For that, and for the way the Bay State community responded over this past week, I say “Thank you”.