7 Tips to Help Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

By Bay State College on November 6, 2020

According to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends (2015) report, it is the largest professional network with over 722 million members, 200 countries, and regions worldwide, which usually is the first-place recruiters go to find candidates. Only 30% of the global workforce are active job seekers which suggest most users are not maximizing their online profile which can be a powerful resource.

Are you using your LinkedIn profile and maximizing your potential to stand out to employers? Is your profile discoverable online and catchy to help your chances of being noticed by recruiters? You can improve your profile's effectiveness and search rankings by showcasing your successes, interests, and endorsements with visual and textual content. 


  • Complete your profile. One of the benefits of having a fully completed profile is more visibility in the LinkedIn search results. Users with completed profiles show up higher in search results according to The Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn.
  • Claim your vanity URL. Keep it short and simple. For example, htttp:// You can eliminate the confusing numbers on your default URL and learn how to customize your LinkedIn URL here.
  • Professional Photo. A photo of yourself can help people recognize you who may not otherwise remember your name or identity immediately. Adding a photo can also result in more views than someone without one. Make sure your photo is a quality image, in focus, and not grainy. you do not need a professional headshot with the enhanced camera features on most of today's cell phones. Make sure you set the settings to a high resolution, dress professionally, and smiling -- which communicates enthusiasm. 
  • Use the Headline. Your headline should highlight your best experience concisely in 120 characters or less. Be sure to use keywords that are relevant to your skills to help increase search appearances. Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most significant factors that will get you on the first page of search results.
  • Summary Section. Similar to an elevator pitch, this section can help you showcase your skills and attract recruiters depending on which keywords you use. Be sure you are communicating what you can do for a company in an authentic way. Using forty or more words can help you stand out to a future employer's search.
  • Showcase your work. There is a feature that allows you to showcase your work through videos, images, documents, or links to presentations. Adding your work to your profile can create an interesting profile and help set you apart to get you noticed.
  • Be active online. Just do not have a presence online by creating a profile; engage by being an active user. You can do this by publishing posts, writing articles, and joining conversations in LinkedIn Groups. According to a study by LinkedIn that examined content shared by professionals on varying platforms, 74 percent of respondents stated that LinkedIn offers content relevant to their career and professional interests. You can be active by posting helpful comments or articles that may interest your connections, request, or provide recommendations or endorse skills from colleagues. 

Creating a professional identity online can take time to produce the results you are happy with. To stand out, it's important to have a profile that represents you, all your hard work, and what you can offer. Please contact Career Services at or (617)-217-9216 to schedule a meeting and we can help you set up your LinkedIn profile!