5 Reasons to Explore the Bay State College Physical Therapist Assistant Program

By on August 24, 2018

Did you know that U.S. News & World Report ranked Physical Therapist Assistant number two on its list of 2018 Best Health Care Support Jobs? And that's just one of the reasons you should check out Bay State College's Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program!

If you want to help people while also working in a dynamic and reliable field, consider becoming a PTA. "PTAs collaborate with physical therapists, physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals to deliver efficient and effective rehabilitation. They are an integral part of the Physical Therapy profession's endeavor to optimize human movement," explains Bay State College's Chris Joyce, PT, DPT, SCS.

Interested? Then check out these five other reasons you might want to explore becoming a PTA with Bay State College's two-year PTA program.

  1. Job stability. According to the United States Department of Labor, the job market for PTAs is expected to increase 30% from 2016 to 2026- much faster than other job markets. And once you're a PTA, you've completed a major part of the preparation you need if you decide later to become a physical therapist.
  2. Hands-on learning. The Bay State PTA program provides 720 hours of experience in clinical affiliated hospitals and sports medicine practices so you can forge connections in your field and get a real feel for the work.
  3. Meaningful connections. Founded by Bay State College alumni and professors, the PTA Special Interest Group is a professional association created under the American Physical Therapist Association of Massachusetts that provides opportunities for learning and networking in the field.
  4. Great preparation. With courses on everything you'll need to know from soft tissue modalities to clinical pathologies, Bay State College will prepare you well for your career. Bay State College's PTA program also prepares you for your licensure exam, and has had a 100% pass rate on the National Therapy Exam for PTAs for four of the past six years.
  5. Two convenient locations. The PTA program is offered at Bay State's Boston campus, in Back Bay, as well as in the satellite location in Taunton, Massachusetts, so you can choose which works better for you.


There are many reasons to be a PTA, and many more reasons to pursue this career at Bay State College. Plan your visit today.