5 Promising Careers in Healthcare

By on August 3, 2015

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the job and career market today. According to, since June 2014 their healthcare job postings have increased by 27%. If you’re looking to get into the healthcare field, here are 5 promising careers in healthcare.

1. Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing of all health­-related jobs. You can find yourself in small private practices, large hospitals, or even working in emergency related situations. Medical assistants tend to do work that mostly involves documenting histories and recording a patient’s vital signs.

2. Nursing needs more people to get trained into the program. There are varying levels of degrees such as our RN and BSN program. Nurses typically maintain a person’s medical records and they work very closely with the resident doctors. Among many other qualities, they can assess your needs and even create plans to help you.

3. Physical Therapy is a highly sought after career, helping people get back on their feet every day. You can choose to become a physical therapist or even a physical therapist assistant. Their jobs involve helping their patients recover and develop stronger muscles or reduce strains, typically from injury or surgery. Physical therapist assistants tend to develop plans based on each patient’s needs.

4. Dietitians and Nutritionists are also in the healthcare field. Aside from Physical Therapy, these careers are among the most popular options for those who like the wellness side of health. They aren’t just for the buff though. Dietitians can help people with eating disorders, those on special diets like veganism, and for those wanting to achieve

5. Healthcare Management is a career that suits someone with the desire to help people as well as someone interested in the business aspect of healthcare. Our Healthcare Management program integrates the science of management in an international arena with critical thinking skills, group dynamics, and research and practical applications through case analysis.

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