5 Potential Careers for Management - Fashion Industry Students

By on July 30, 2015

One of our most popular programs is our Management - Fashion Industry program. There are many career opportunities in the merchandising field. In general, ‘Merchandising’ is the theoretical background needed to deliver the right product or service to the consumer in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time and the right price.

Here are 5 potential careers for Management - Fashion Industry majors: 

  • Fashion Buyer – As a fashion buyer, you purchase the various pieces for different stores based on what you think the customers want to wear. Believe it or not, fashion buyers also use the computer a lot as they spend a lot of their job using previous years’ sales to create a projection of what they think this year will look like.
  • Fashion Director – A fashion director designs the concepts for clothing. All of those sets you see on mannequins? Chances are those were designed by a fashion director. A fashion director most needs leadership and analytical skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this field to grow 8% by 2020.
  • Retail Manager – Retail managers don’t just manage the store, they manage how it looks and feels. As a retail manager, you’ll be surrounded by clothing and accessories all day and you can make sure your customers walk away feeling fabulous as well as make sure the store is running efficiently.
  • Fashion Merchandiser – A fashion merchandiser looks at everything from clothing, pricing and budget and decides in what way it needs to be presented. A merchandiser makes sales strategies, tackles marketing, and creates a plethora of campaigns for their industry.
  • Purchasing Manager – Though a person who gets a management degree in fashion industry may prefer to work with a store that sells primarily apparel and accessories, they can also work as a purchasing manager for other types of stores. Their job is to buy the various kinds of products the store or company will be selling.

As you can see, the fields in fashion management are numerous, the jobs are diverse, and as you might guess, the competition can be fierce. Interested in furthering your education in fashion merchandising? Check out our Bachelor’s degree program. Flexible evening programs are available as well.