2021 New Year Resolution Survey Results

By Bay State College on January 8, 2021

A new year means a fresh start. This year, we asked students, faculty, and staff what their resolutions are for 2021. Here are some of the survey results.

What is your 2021 New Year Resolution?

Top Student Responses: 

"Focusing on what I can control in life vs. worrying about the things I can't. If I notice my mind start to go down the rabbit hole I'll force myself to take a study break or get up and get moving, even if it's just a quick walk around the block or doing the dishes." - Meghan Beckett, Nursing '22

"To be more gentle with myself and others." - Cheyenne Reed, Health Studies '21

"My resolution is to lose at least 20 pounds..typical I know lol and to make more of an effort to do things outside my comfort zone." - Anonymous Student, PTA' 22

"Learn new skills & stay healthy." - Jessica Alcantara, BSC Student

"Pay off debt, Graduate nursing school, Pass NCLEX, Get a nursing job." - Nikhil Thomas, Nursing '21

"Get good grades" - Anonymous Student, PTA '22

Top Faculty Responses:

"Start my doctorate."- Anonymous, Program Chair

"To be a better teacher." - Anonymous Faculty

"Weight loss/ being more active." -  Anonymous Adjunct Professor

Top Staff Responses:

"Eat regularly-exercise more- and take time for myself!" - Dave White, Director of Taunton Campus

"Read 20 new books." - Betsy Butterworth, Director of Marketing and Communications

"More time outside and less time in front of screens!" - Megan Delano, Mental Health Counselor/Disability Support Services Coordinator

"Continue to read at least one new book a month." - Linh Nguyen, Associate Director of Career Services

"To live each day as though it was my last!!" - Erlande Iris, Enrollment Services Coordinator

"Buy Groceries, Eat out Less." - Anonymous Staff

"Take better care of my mental health." - Jenn Gordon, Marketing Assistant

Happy New Year to all and thank you to those who participated in the 2021 New Year Resolution Survey!