2020 is ending but what is the job outlook?

By Bay State College on December 3, 2020

This year has been a year of uncertainty for many of us due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Especially for students who will be graduating and job seeking. Though there are no solutions to combating the feeling of uncertainty, there are things you can do within your control such as educating yourself on the job market.  

What does the hiring landscape look like with the devastating economic effects the coronavirus had on many of us? Back in October, LinkedIn published data showing concerning signs about the labor market’s recovery as a second wave of cases of people testing positive for COVID-19 started to increase around the world. Despite the concerns, there was the confidence the 7% unemployment rate in the U.S. would not drop to what it was in the months of when the pandemic first hit. According to the LinkedIn News poll, 63% of recruiters responded with having confidence that hiring would improve or remain the same over the next couple of months. 23% reported hiring would fall and only 13% were unsure.  Recruiters and hiring managers reported that there will be some slowing down in the hiring process as the year ends and it is important to be patient and persistent as a job candidate.  

Shifting your mindset 

Focus on what you can control and set realistic expectations. You can’t control how people respond to your application, offers you an interview, but you can set goals for yourself, and focus on how you can be proactive in how you reach your goals. For example, if you focus on having a mindset of setting an objective goal to apply to five jobs a week, those are things you are doing within your control. Focusing on the number of companies or jobs that have not responded to you is not within your control. Having patient and persistence and making the effort in reaching out is entirely up to you.  

Work hard, stay humble and grow your professional relationships 

Networking is the cornerstone of successful job seeking. When you developed a robust network and maintaining a professional relationship can shorten the job search and increase the odds of you landing a role that you will thrive in. Now is a great time to focus on building key relationships in your professional network. Developing a relationship with someone that can help advocate or be a champion for you. When developing your professional relationships, approach it with a sense of humility by showing appreciation for those who are willing to set aside time to connect and communicate with you. Nurturing your network with people at your targeted employers or companies towards the end of the year can help keep in mind for opportunities for next year.   

Fight the fatigue 

Although, it is important to work hard remember it is just as important to take time for yourself and a break from the search. People sometimes feel a sense of guilt that they are not doing enough and end up working themselves too hard which can hinder their quality of work and delay their job search. Like Zoom fatigue, which is associated with overusing virtual platforms, job search fatigue can also leave you feeling burnt out and feeling tired. Make sure you are setting time for yourself and taking breaks away from the computer and recharge your proverbial batteries.