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Taunton in the Spotlight

By on January 15, 2019

After 23 years in Middleborough, Bay State College moved its satellite location to Taunton in 2012, knowing that its convenience and strong faculty would be a draw. What they couldn’t know at the time was how the location’s sense of community and strong student support would form a new, welcoming culture. What’s so great about Taunton? How about…

New Year, New Career

By on January 9, 2019

Heading into a new year is a natural time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Many of us resolve to give up things we enjoy or devote more time to doing things we don’t enjoy—promises that typically evaporate shortly thereafter. But what if you applied that make-life-better energy to a bigger change, one with the potential to transform your daily life? What if you greeted 2019 by pursuing a new career?

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