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Healthy Living Challenge Resources

By Megan Delano on April 1, 2021

Often times the warmer weather of Spring brings on an increase in motivation and an interest in kicking those old bad habits. For the month of April, Bay State College is competing in a walking competition: 10,000 steps per day for 4 days per week. Registration is still open! You can register by clicking here. Is walking not your thing? There are plenty of other ways to burn calories and get your body moving after a long year of quarantine.

Below are a series of apps, websites, and subscriptions…

Spring Cleaning for Your Mental and Physical Health

By Megan Delano on March 18, 2021

Organization in our living space promotes improved moods, better productivity, as well as overall health. With warm weather quickly approaching, many people tend to practice a well-known ritual of "Spring Cleaning." For some, this may mean a deep clean of your space, donating clothes, or rearranging your furniture for a chance. Not only is this practice good for the aesthetic in your home, but also your mental and physical health.

Creating a clean home environment can lead to more motivation to…

"Food for Thought"

By Megan Delano on February 25, 2021

Tending to your mental health does not only have to be about talk therapy and practicing self-care. Physical health and wellness plays a large role in brain functioning, including managing anxiety and stress. In addition to exercise, drinking plenty of water, and eating balanced meals, there are many other ways to help reduce anxiety in your daily routines. One of these ways is through the type of food you eat. Learning more about what foods work best for you as well as maintaining an "anti-anxiety…

De-stressing During the Holidays

By Megan Delano on December 17, 2020

The holidays can be a particularly stressful time. This year people are experiencing the additional stress of COVID-19 while trying to navigate the holidays safely. Although this time of year can bring on additional things to worry about, there are many ways you can work on maintaining both your mental and physical health throughout this holiday season. Below are 5 quick tips for finding balance through the winter months and beyond. 

1. Re-assess your expectations for what the holidays look like…

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Finals Week!

By Megan Delano on December 10, 2020

Although finals week is typically the most stressful time of a semester, it doesn’t have to be so taxing on your mental and physical health! It is often hard to remember the basics of self-care when feeling stressed. Below are some tips to find the balance between productivity and managing stress in healthy and effective ways. It is also important to remember that not all tips and tricks work for everyone but finding what works for you and sticking to it can make a big difference in your success…