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5 Tips for Getting Ready for the First Day of College

By Bay State College on January 7, 2022

You are starting college soon and may be wondering how to be sure you are ready. You have taken care of childcare, your work what?


Here are some last-minute things you can do to prepare for your first day. 




  • A space of one's own.  Find a space for studying and doing school work in your home. This may be a desk, the kitchen table or even a designated chair with a lap desk in the living room where you will be free of distractions during your study time. If you live with…

National Coming Out Day is October 11th

By Bay State College on October 8, 2021

National Coming Out Day (originally established in 1988) is not only a day to share experiences of discovering one’s own LGBTQ+ identity, but also a reminder that there is still so much more work to do in terms of acceptance and advocacy on behalf of this community. For some, coming out may be a liberating experience. For others, this can be dangerous and significantly impact one’s mental or physical health due to lack of support from family, friends, or even places of education or employment. If…

Commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month

By Bay State College on September 17, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates, recognizes, and commemorates the histories and cultures of Hispanic Americans and their ancestry. Originating in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week, it was officially expanded to the full 31-day period in 1988. September 15th was chosen as the first day of celebration because it is the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Additionally, Mexico celebrates their independence on September 16th and Chile celebrates…

Meet the Program Chair: RN to BSN

By Bay State College on June 9, 2021

With 20 years of experience at the bedside and in nursing education, Jennifer Verstreken joined Bay State College as the chair and full-time faculty of our Nursing RN to BSN program. We talked with her about the healthcare industry, her career, and what she hopes to teach students.

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