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Last week's victories prep Esports for upcoming matches

By Bay State College on May 5, 2022

Congratulations to our Esports team on a successful weekend!
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Overwatch won the Boston Uprising Collegiate Cup and on Saturday, April 30th.  Their 2-0 victory over UMASS Amherst was a precursor to their 3-0 win over the University of Texas Dallas. Avani "Infernal" Ramoutar had the play of the series having a 5-man D.VA ultimate on Dallas securing Map 2 on King's Row. They were giving a large trophy and $1,200 split evenly among the students.…

Esports Sets Sights on Weekend Competition

By Bay State College on April 29, 2022

League of Legends

This Sunday at 3pm,  Bay State College's League of Legends team will be playing in the top 16 Collegiate League of Legends playoffs vs Saint Louis University.  With a victory, the team will advance to top 8 and have an all- expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for College League of Legends Finals on the weekend of June 12th. 

This would be the first time a school in the northeast has ever qualified for top  8.  Currently, we are seeded 2nd  with a great opportunity to qualify for…

Feeling Stressed? Give Mindfulness a Try

By Bay State College on March 7, 2022

In today’s busy world we often forget to find moments where we are truly and intentionally present. We are consistently connected to technology, social situations, or work. It is often that we forget to unplug and truly be in the moment; therefor increasing stress around our productivity or long to-do lists. 


 Incorporating a practice such as Mindfulness in to your daily routine can lead to more moments of focus, calmness, and relaxation. Mindfulness can be utilized to address major mental health…

Meet Smash Bros. Ace: Carlos "Sonix" Perez

By Bay State College on March 1, 2022

Carlos “Sonix” Perez is a member of our Bay State Esports team who has achieved a successful career in Smash Bros. He is ranked Top 25 in NA, Top 35 in the world, and #2 in the world for online tournaments. He recently finished 9th at the world championship in December defeating Dabuz (10th in the world), Tweek (3rdin the world), Maister (7th in the world), and Chag (24th in the world) losing to Protobanham (4th in the world). He also has wins over MkLeo, the definitive #1 in the world for over two…

Mental Wellness Resources for Black Students

By Bay State College on February 24, 2022

During the global pandemic, many college students are struggling with depression and anxiety. Finding resources can sometimes be challenging. As we honor Black History Month, we are focusing on the mental wellness needs of the BIPOC community. Research shows that Black adults are 20 percent more likely to experience mental health issues than other populations due to racism, inequality, lack of access to resources, and systemic barriers in healthcare. (…

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