2020 is ending but what is the job outlook?

By Linh Nguyen on December 3, 2020

This year has been a year of uncertainty for many of us due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Especially for students who will be graduating and job seeking. Though there are no solutions to combating the feeling of uncertainty, there are things you can do within your control such as educating yourself on the job market.  

What does the hiring landscape look like with the devastating economic effects the coronavirus had on many of us? Back in October, LinkedIn published data showing concerning signs…

Start the New Year with a Plan! Spring Semester Begin January 11th, 2021

By Bay State College on November 24, 2020

At Bay State College, we offer a career-focused education that will provide you with the skills you need to be a desirable candidate in the workplace. Today's job market is evolving. People no longer stay in the same position or with the same company for decades. To be competitive, you need to be adaptable, able to access and analyze information, and act on it. Bay State College’s innovative curriculum prepares you with the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed and thrive. 

Unlike most colleges…

Tips to Prepare For Job Interviews During COVID-19

By Linh Nguyen on November 20, 2020

Virtual interviewing is not a new activity for hiring managers but with the recent pandemic, many have shifted to virtual options. This can be a convenient option for both employers and job seekers. It can eliminate commuting into the office and alleviate the stress of navigating to the location. Job seekers should consider the following tips to prepare for their virtual interviews.    

  • Uninterrupted and Quite Location  

Consider the environment where you will be having your virtual interview…

What is "Self-Care"?

By Megan Delano on November 12, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been more important than ever to take care of both our mental and physical health. A term that is often thrown around when referring to health is "self-care." In recent years, this phrase has often been thrown around when discussion over-indulgence acts like eating a carton of ice cream or binging an entire season on Netflix in one sitting. In reality, the practice of self-care is something we should plan ahead for and implement daily in our day-to-day routines…

7 Tips to Help Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

By Linh Nguyen on November 6, 2020

According to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends (2015) report, it is the largest professional network with over 722 million members, 200 countries, and regions worldwide, which usually is the first-place recruiters go to find candidates. Only 30% of the global workforce are active job seekers which suggest most users are not maximizing their online profile which can be a powerful resource.

Are you using your LinkedIn profile and maximizing your potential to stand out to employers? Is your profile discoverable…

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