Readmissions Students

If you're looking to return to your studies at Bay State College after taking some time off, let us be the first to say "Welcome back!"

The road to a college degree has many different paths.  Many of our students at Bay State College, at some point in their lives, have taken some time off from their academic journey or decided it was time to switch directions. Because of this, we understand how to make the re-enroll process go smoothly.

Some things may have changed since your last class at Bay State.  For instance, we now offer classes in the day, evening, and online making it easier to fit earning your degree into the life you have already established for yourself. We also have a number of new degrees offered across all divisions. 

For a list of all of our programs, click here.

Returning students should be aware of the following:

                    Bay State College
                    31 St. James Avenue
                    Boston, MA 02116.

  • For students who withdraw from the College and return at a later date, course requirements may have changed. Students returning after a year or more will follow the current catalog requirements for their major.