Readmission Students

If you're looking to return to your studies at Bay State College after taking some time off, let us be the first to say, "Welcome back!"

The road to a college degree has many different paths.  Many of our students at Bay State College, at some point in their lives, have taken some time off from their academic journey or decided it was time to switch directions. Because of this, we understand how to make the readmission process go smoothlyFor a list of our current programs, click here.

Returning students should be aware of the following:

  • Returning students must submit a Petition for Readmission.
  • For students who withdraw from the College and return at a later date, course requirements may have changed. Students returning after a year or more will follow the current catalog requirements for their major.

Readmission Process

Readmission must be initiated at least 4 weeks before the start of the returning term/semester.

Students who have previously been enrolled at Bay State College and seeking to return to the College after more than 2 years may petition for readmission by completing the Petition for Readmission form. This form requires multiple department approvals before a student is permitted to reapply with the Office of Admissions. This process is not to be confused with Reentry, which is when a student returns less than 2 years from last enrollment and works with the Registrar's Office for their return. A student to be readmitted will complete this petition, and once approved the student will work with an Admissions Representative to reapply. 

Was the date of your last attendance as a Bay State College student less than 2 years?

All previous Bay State College student whose last date of study was less than 2 years must seek Reentry through the Registrar's Office. 

Were you Academically Dismissed/Suspended or Administratively Withdrawn from BSC?

Students who have been dismissed from Bay State College for unsatisfactory academic progress or administratively withdrawn must submit an appeal to the Academic Standing and Integrity Committee for readmission to be approved by the department.

Are you a international student seeking to reapply?

International students who require F-1 student visa to be readmitted to Bay State College must contact the Designated School Official upon completion of this form and must follow all required SEVIS compliance regulations. Failure to comply with SEVIS reentry requirements will prevent official readmit status at Bay State College.

Do you have an outstanding balance?

Students who have an outstanding balance owed to Bay State College must get readmit approval from the Bursar’s Office. Any requirements set by Bursar must be processed before official readmit status and permission to register for courses will be given.

Have you attended another school since leaving Bay State College?

Students who have attended another College or University since their last enrollment at Bay State College must have official transcript(s) of all coursework completed submitted during their readmittance process with Admissions.