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The world is opening up again and there’s a lot of opportunities for you as a soon-to-be high school graduate, a transfer student, or a person who is looking to up your professional game. We have a place for you at Bay State College. One that will set you on a path to the career of your dreams. Let’s get you started. Come to our... 

Virtual On the Spot Admissions Event 

Saturday, April 10th through Saturday, April 17th

  • Step 1) Sign up below to speak with an Admissions Representative. 
  • Step 2) Bring a copy of your High School transcript to the meeting. 
  • Step 3) We’ll meet with you, review your high school and college transcripts, and decide right there if Bay State College is right for you! 

*Prospective nursing students will receive conditional acceptance pending the fulfillment of all the Bay State College admissions criteria for this program.

We have several scholarships available including the Rising Excellence Scholarship for those students who excelled in the last two years of their high school education. All our scholarships are renewable for the four years you’re with us as long as you keep your grade point average up.   

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Have a question about the event? Email admissions@baystate.edu