Health Sciences Boot Camp


Are you considering a hands-on career as a nurse or physical therapist assistant? Maybe you would be a better fit behind the scenes in a healthcare management role? You can explore all your options before committing to a degree program this fall at our Health Sciences Boot Camp.  

Employment in the health care profession is expected to grow by 16 percent between now and 2030 with a median income of $70,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With an expected 2.6 million new jobs being created, it is the fastest growing area of employment. 

Bay State College is offering you an opportunity to explore whether a job in healthcare is the right pathway for you—at a deeply discounted tuition

Boot Camp Benefits: 

  • Earn 13 college credits in 16 weeks that will transfer directly into your degree program at Bay State College. 
  • Completely online, you can log in at your convenience. 
  • At a total tuition cost of $5,000, you save $3,957 off the regular tuition price. Financial Aid is available to new students who opt to enroll in the Health Studies Associate Degree program.
  • Explore if the health sciences field is for you. 
  • Personalized, one-on-one virtual session with our career preparedness counselor to help you identify which career path is best for you
  • Opportunities to virtually meet one-on-one with Nursing, PTA, and Management program directors and ask questions about any program you are interested in
  • Fulfill core requirements of our Health Sciences program in advance. Communication skills are pivotal to the success of any healthcare professional. 

The courses you will take are: 

  • English 102 (3 credits) - In this course, students build upon the analytical and writing skills developed in ENG 101 with the goal of creating more extensive and sophisticated college papers. Through close reading and analysis of selected texts, students will develop the research and compositional skills necessary for higher level work. An annotated bibliography and a research paper are required. Students who do not test into English 102 will be required to take English 101 and will take English 102 at a later date.
  • Communication Skills for the 21st Century (3 credits) - This course will introduce students to the complexity and importance of language as well as provide them the skills to apply it in our modern modes of communication. Particular emphasis will be placed on technology platforms that have fundamentally changed how individuals communicate both personally and professionally. 
  • Biology 102 with Lab (4 credits) - Students explore the fundamentals of biology by surveying biochemistry, cell theory, genetics, evolution and ecology. Topics include a focus on cell structure, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, structure and function of DNA, mitosis, meiosis, the genetic basis of heredity, how populations evolve and an overview of ecology. Students will have opportunities to discuss how these principles connect with relevant topics in the news, such as climate change and gene editing. 
  • PSY 208 Human Lifespan Development (3 credits) - This course provides a detailed review of child, adolescent, and adult development from conception to death. The following objectives are emphasized: (1) normal development milestones; (2) physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development; (3) common disabling conditions across the lifespan; and (4) factors influencing development such as cultural norms, family structure, education, socioeconomic status, wellness, geographical and housing location, and social/institutional structures. Special attention is given to sensory, perceptual, and motor development as the foundations for mature cognition, social skills, and emotional attachments.