Fall Criminal Justice Academy

Apply by July 15. Classes start August 29.


Pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice sets you on a path towards a wide variety of occupations, essential to society. Are you on the fence about whether or not this rewarding career field is right for you? You can explore all your options before committing to a degree program this fall at our Criminal Justice Academy. 

Our curriculum is focused strongly on real-world application, preparing students for the broadest range of possible criminal justice career paths.

Bay State College is offering you an opportunity to explore whether a job in criminal justice is the right pathway for you—at a deeply discounted tuition

Boot Camp Benefits: 

  • Earn 12 college credits in 16 weeks that will transfer directly into your degree program at Bay State College. 
  • Completely online, you can log in at your convenience. 
  • At a total tuition cost of $5,000, you save $3,957 off the regular tuition price. Financial Aid is available to new students who opt to enroll in a Criminal Justice Associate or Bachelor Degree program.
  • Explore if the criminal justice field is for you. This academy gives students exposure to the three main branches of the American Criminal Justice system; Police, Courts, Corrections, as well as an overview of the field at large. 
  • Personalized, one-on-one virtual session with our career preparedness counselor to help you identify which career path is best for you
  • Opportunities to virtually meet one-on-one with the criminal justice program director and ask questions about any pathway you are interested in
  • Take part in an information session hosted by industry professionals.
  • Fulfill core requirements of our Criminal Justice program in advance. 

The courses you will take are: 

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 credits) - This course examines the United States criminal justice process from law enforcement to the administration of justice through corrections. It discusses the history and philosophy of the system and introduces various career opportunities. Additionally, this course will provide a background for more in-depth study in later Criminal Justice courses.
  • Corrections (3 credits) - This course introduces students to the profession, industry, and academic discipline of corrections. It presents how the correctional system really works as far as the operation of corrections in the United States. It focuses on the structure of correctional systems, the operations of correctional institutions and programs, the evolutionary and political development of corrections, and the goals of corrections in today’s society. Job opportunities in corrections are explored throughout the course.
  • Function of Police in Modern Society (3 credits) - This course examines the police role and law enforcement policy in the total justice process. Police organizations, personnel issues, management and operations, as well as coordination and consolidation of police service, police integrity, and community relations are covered.
  • American Court Systems (3 credits) - This course focuses on the dynamics of the courthouse (Juvenile, Appellate, Federal, and State). It will examine the procedural requirements for judicial processing of criminal offenders, concepts of evidence sufficiency, standards of proof, due process, and constitutional safeguards.

Apply by July 15. Classes start August 29.