Bay State College Presidential Search

A message from Thomas W. Clawson Ed.D., Chair, Bay State College Board of Trustees

It gives me great pleasure to announce that a search for a new president for Bay State College is underway. A Presidential Search Committee has been formed, and I am delighted to report that the committee comprises faculty, staff, community members, alumnae, and trustees. I am grateful to these dedicated members of the Bay State community for sharing their time and energy. We feel confident that the committee will represent a wide array of viewpoints and perspectives as we search to find the next leader of Bay State College.

We have engaged AGB Search, an executive search firm that focuses on higher education placements to assist us in this important endeavor. Their primary role will be to support us in articulating a suitable profile to match the needs and culture of our institution, and to present suitable candidates for consideration by the committee.

Following is a list of Presidential Search Committee members:

  • Althea Blackford, Bay State College Alumna and Board Member
  • Thomas W. Clawson, Committee Chair, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Shasha Chang, Board Member
  • Jerome Dean, Director of Institutional Research
  • Pamela Grill, Associate Professor
  • Oscar Gutierrez, Chief Academic Officer
  • Chiao-Ling Hsu, Board Member
  • Andy Kuang, Community Member
  • Cheryl McInerney, Dean of Nursing
  • Renae Runnels, Director of Taunton Admissions
  • Jeremy Shepard, Dean of Students

Feel free to share your thoughts on what we need in a new president with anyone of the Search Committee members.