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YouTube Sensations Serve as Panelists at Bay State College

Maddie Dragsbaek and Anthony Quintal at The Spot

September 20, 2018

Boston, Mass., September 20, 2018- It was a full house at The Spot Boston's first ever social media panel. Bay State College students and others gathered to hear YouTube sensations, Anthony Quintal and Maddie Dragsbaek, discuss Online vs Reality. Moderator, Ashley Kral, touched on social media as a whole, YouTube, followers, life in the public eye, and social media trivia. Both panelists started using social media at a young age - Anthony first joined social media around 2009 in 4th or 5th grade around 2009 because it "felt right" to him and Maddie began making videos online when she was 13 years old. Fast forward to 2018 and Anthony has over 1.3 million subscribers and Maddie has more than 35,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Panel Q&A

Panel Question: How closely do you interact with your followers?

  • Anthony: "I check my messages every day. I always check my comments."
  • Maddie: "I try to check my messages every day too."

Panel Question: What is the best thing because of social media?

  • Anthony: "Discovered how much I love people. I'm from New Hampshire. The internet has let me travel and has taken me to beautiful places."
  • Maddie: "I've had a lot of opportunities!"

Q&A with Bay State's Marketing Team

Q: How was your experience here at Bay State College today?

  • Anthony: "Phenomenal! I'll remember this forever!"
  • Maddie: "Awesome!"

Q: What is your favorite social media platform today?

  • Anthony: "Instagram"
  • Maddie: "YouTube"

Q: Who is your favorite person on social media? Why?

  • Anthony: "Selena Gomez. She does a great job being a human and a celebrity!"
  • Maddie: "Casey Neistat. He does so much with the YouTube platform!"

Q: To create a brand today, how important do you think social media is?

  • Anthony: "Social Media is an amazing way to share a brand."
  • Maddie: "Social Media is essential for a brand"

Q: What social media platform today do you think is most effective?

  • Anthony: "Twitter"
  • Maddie: "Instagram because it's a versatile platform."