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The Spot Staff Speaks to Venue Management Class

The Spot Staff 2017-2018

April 3, 2018

On April 3rd, The Spot's staff— Ethan Antaya (General Manager), Austin Wessel (Asst. General Manager), Valentina Arcila (Production Manager), Napoleon McCall (Operations Manager), Ashley Kral (Marketing Manager), and Emily Benoit (Talent Buyer) — sat in on Professor Indrisano's Venue Management Class. While there, they discussed the experiences they've had while managing Bay State College's 100% student-run venue, the obstacles they've run into, and what they've learned by being a part of this team. 

They encouraged the students of Professor Indrisano's class to consider volunteering for security positions at The Spot, to apply for a management positions once they've passed Venue Management, and to come and check out the last few shows of the semester.