Faculty & Staff

All Bay State College employee email addresses follow this format: first initial + full last name + @baystate.edu


Name & Position Contact Info

Baker, Laurie
Director of Experiential Learning- Asst. Professor / Full Time Faculty

Ball, Phylicia
Adjunct Faculty

Banjo, Temitayo
Adjunct Faculty

Barboza, Christine
Adjunct Faculty

Basque, Kathleen
Adjunct Faculty

Bellantone, Charles
Adjunct Faculty

Bincyzk, Jeffrey
Adjunct Faculty

Boehler, Alyson, M.S.
Adjunct Faculty- Evening

Campbell, Christine, MSN, RNC-LRN
Adjunct Faculty


Chubbuck, Robert
Adjunct Faculty

Clark, Robert
Adjunct Faculty

Conte, Francesco
Adjunct Faculty

Cook, Kathleen, PT, DPT
PTA Chair & Director Clinical Education


Coviello, Lacy
Adjunct Faculty

Cramer, Stephen
Adjunct Faculty

Daniel, Charles
Assistant Professor-Health Studies

David, Donna
Taunton Adjunct Faculty

Davolio, Michelle
Adjunct Faculty

Desmond, Eric
Director of LMS Administration & Faculty Development

Diamond, Scott
Adjunct Faculty

Dutra, Samantha
Adjunct Faculty

Farmer, Bruce
Adjunct Faculty

Finn, Theresa
Adjunct Faculty

Finn, Christine, MBA
Adjunct Faculty- Online

Gabriel, Gail
Adjunct Faculty

Galatis, Jhamaul
Adjunct Faculty

Gardner, Dayna
Adjunct Faculty

Grill, Pamela
Full Time faculty, General Education


Haney, Valerie
Adjunct Faculty

Hassanzadeh, Reza
Adjunct Faculty

Howard, Debra
Taunton Adjunct Faculty

Huang, Kitty
Adjunct Faculty

Hughes, Susan
Full-Time Faculty-Nursing

Kautsire, Caroline
Adjunct Faculty

Kefor, Todd, EdD
Adjunct Faculty


Knight, Sara, PTA, DPT, OCS
Full-Time Faculty - Assistant Professor - PTA


Koczwanski, Paul
Adjunct Faculty

Lacey, James
Adjunct Faculty

Lavoie, Elizabeth
Adjunct Faculty

Lehmann, Robert
Adjunct Faculty

Liu, Cherry
Adjunct Faculty

Lobalbo, Rachel
Adjunct Faculty

Malloy, Thomas
Adjunct Faculty

Mason, Jeff, MFA, BA
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs


Mattar, Kelly, MHA, RN
Instructor, Clinical Faculty


McInerney, Cheryl, MSN, RN-BC
Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences


McVay, Taylor
Adjunct Faculty

Menard, Linda, DPT, MPH
Adjunct Faculty

Moffatt, Judith
Adjunct Faculty

Morrissette, William, Ph.D.


Neave, Jessica
Full-Time Faculty- Director of Learning Commons

Olson, Bonnie
Adjunct Faculty

Olson, Kara
Adjunct Faculty

Peterson, Elizabeth
Adjunct Faculty

Phillips, Krysten
Adjunct Faculty

Pollard, Stephanie
Adjunct Faculty

Puma, Daniel
Adjunct Faculty

Radford, Herbert
Adjunct Faculty

Ransom, David
Adjunct Faculty

Reid, Elizabeth, BSN, RN
Adjunct Faculty


Robin, Allison
Adjunct Faculty

Ronan, Stephen
Adjunct Faculty

Ruskey, Dave
Adjunct Faculty

Scannell, Meredith
Adjunct Faculty

Schrama, Margaret
Adjunct Faculty

Stahl Brown, Lise, BA
Adjunct Faculty Fashion Merchandising & Design & Evening Faculty Academic Advisor for Fashion

Theodoridis, Stephen
Adjunct Faculty

(617) 217-9270

Tishler, Clifford, MBA
Adjunct Faculty, Business Administration


Venti, Lucia
Adjunct Faculty

Viselli, Joseph
Adjunct Faculty

Wallace, Kristin
Adjunct Faculty

White, Jessica
Chairperson Entertainment Management Development


Withington, Erin
Adjunct Faculty

York, Andrea
Chairperson Fashion Department

(617) 217-9404


Name & Position Contact Info

Anderson, Meryle
Campus Coordinator

Calareso, John
Vice President of Operations

Corbett, Hope
Administrative Assistant

Corcoran, Michael
Director of Finance

Cowan, Sherry

Daniel, Ethel
Director of Human Resources

Dean, Jerome
Director of Institutional Research

Defranca, Charissa
Assistant Director of Day and International Admissions

Defusco, Mark

Depina, Jose

Desjardins, Jamie
Systems Administrator II-CTS

Devani, Jeanne
Director of Student Financial Services and Compliance

Feliz, Jorge

Gill, Susan
Director of Recruitment Partnerships


Goulter, Ashley
Financial Aid Planning Counselor

Gutierrez, Oscar
Dean of Faculty

Hayes, Kristin
Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership


Higgins, Omar
Financial Aid Counselor

Hurwitz, Amy
Associate Director-Day Admissions

Iris, Erlande
Enrollment Support Representative

Johnson, Allison
Administrative Coordinator Health Studies, Nursing and PTA Programs


Kayiira, Katherine
Human Resources Generalist

Kibby, Juliann
Associate Registrar


King, Matthew
Esports Head Coach

LaChance, Christina
Director-Day Admissions

Lauria, Louis
Default Prevention Coordinator

Maloney, Brian
Director of Evening and Online Education

Martin, Maxwell
Assistant Esports Coach

Martin, Andrew
Enrollment Data Analyst

Martin, Dustin
Assistant Director of Residence Life & Student Success


May, Thomas
Admissions Representative

Meshesha, Eskedar
Senior Accountant

Mikaiylov, Elgun
Director of CE & Online Admissions - Boston

Moreno, Laura
Admissions Representative

Muldowney, Jennifer
Director of Financial Aid Planning

Murray, Ashley
Admissions Representative

Nahmias, Michael
Integration Specialist- CTS

Nguyen, Linh
Associate Director of Career Services


Normil, Yendy
Enrollment Support Representative

Pham, Joseph
Support Analyst II- Campus Technologies Solutions

Raiche, Cheryl
School Counselor

Rios, Ricardo
Enrollment Support Representative

Rivera, Gehanne
Senior Admissions Representative

Rodriguez, Aida

Runnels, Renae
Director of Admissions Evening and Online - Taunton

Rupe, Megan
Library Assistant

Shepard, Jeremy
Assistant Dean of Students

Simpson, Daycia

Stephens, Mark
Assistant Director of Admissions

Tam, Elaine
Executive Assistant to the President

Tavares, David
Programmer/Report Developer

White, David
Associate Director

Widrick, Michelle
Assistant Director of Financial Aid Planning

Wood, Sarah


Wooden, Michael
Director of Campus Technologies