Paul Napolitano

I have worked in the field of Finance, Economics and Management for over 35 years and have been an adjunct instructor for over 35 years. I have been responsible for budgeting, finance and strategic planning functions. Specifically, accounting, payroll, cost accounting, accounts payables, accounts receivables and budgetary functions. Later in my career I become in charge of operation and planning functions.

In addition, I am a consultant to a variety of firms relating to economic and financial issues.

As for my teaching career it spans over thirty five years. I have taught a variety of fields and disciplines. These include: finance, economics, management, marketing, operations management strategic planning and accounting. I have taught both on line and in the classroom both at the undergraduate and graduate school level.

I believe in using my experience to supplement the courses that I teach.

I have a Bachelor and Master’s degree from Bryant University.

In my spare time I enjoy golfing, running and boating.