Paul Koczwanski

Background and Professional Experience

Professor Paul Koczwanski has 24 years of law enforcement experience, most of which was with the Coventry, Rhode Island Police Department. He started his career on the midnight shift in the patrol division, and in later years he was also involved in the traffic division, marine patrol, honor guard, elderly affairs, and was certified in the use of the department's ATV. Professor Koczwanski has also been trained as a Field Training Officer, a Traffic Occupant Passenger Safety (TOPS) instructor, and a child safety seat installer.

Professor Koczwanski taught in the Coventry police department's Citizens Police Academic and then moved to the detective division, where he oversaw the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identification) unit. During his law enforcement career, Professor Koczwanksi was trained in homicide investigations and interrogations, and he also trained as an accident reconstructionist, fingerprint analyst, blood spatter analyst, and in ballistics. He ran the police departments lab and evidence room and trained officers on the department's IAFIS (fingerprints) machine.

Professor Koczwanski was awarded the distinguished service ribbon and was honored as officer of the year. He was also honored by the United States Navy with a citation for assisting them with a murder investigation. After this distinguished career in law enforcement, Paul retired from the police department and started teaching at Bay State College and wrote two online courses for the Criminal Justice program (Forensics and Criminal Procedure).


Professor Koczwanski graduated from Salve Regina University with a master's degree. His course of study was the Administration of Justice, and the bulk of his course work was constitutional law and case studies in the study of law.

Courses Taught at Bay State College

  • U.S. Courts
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Forensics
  • Security
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Police and Modern Society
  • Mobile Digital Forensics

Professor Koczwanski is also certified as an instructor in Mobile Digital Forensics.


Professor Koczwanski's hobbies include target shooting, fishing, history, acting, traveling, reading, and learning foreign languages (he knows basic German, Spanish, Polish and Swedish). He is also learning to fix antique clocks and perform magic.