Bay State College's COVID-19 Response

A Fall Semester that is both safe and productive.

  • All classes will be taught in a hybrid format: in-person & online.
  • To ensure social distancing, in-person class sizes will be reduced and public space capacity will be limited.
  • Classrooms will be sanitized after each period.
  • After Thanksgiving break, all classes will be online-only to avoid traveling during cold and flu season.
  • Hand-sanitizer stations are now available throughout all campus buildings.

Our Top Priority

The health and safety of the entire Bay state College community is, and always will be, our most important concern. As we re-open for Fall semester, we continue to monitor all available information related to COVID-19 and its potential impact on our community. Our response adheres to guidelines of the Massachusetts Department of Health, the CDC, and the WHO.

We strongly encourage students to pay close attention to all Bay State College communications to assist in a safe and successful return to campus. We will update this page regularly as new information becomes available.

Schedules and Registration

We will finalize class schedules and re-registration processes (where needed) by late July. Current students will be notified by email prior to August 1. New students may continue to register.

(New!) On-Campus Experience

Fall semester will include as many in-person experiences as possible, both in-classroom and out. Everyone will be required to wear face coverings, and students must complete a COVID symptom check and submit through Canvas prior to each day they attend on-campus classes.

There is signage to promote social distancing and frequent, hand-sanitizing. Capacity in all public spaces - lounges, study areas, computer labs - will be temporarily reduced and marked off for physical distancing, and cleaned and sanitized frequently. The elevator at our Boston campus will be available only for those requiring mobility accommodations. Stairways have been designed as one-way and indicated appropriately. students are requested to not wait in lines or groups to enter a classroom.

There is a plan for contact tracing; additional information will follow shortly.

Classrooms: Continuous Sanitization

Classes will be scheduled to allow for extensive cleaning and sanitization prior to the start of the next class period. There will be no back-to-back classes. Classroom capacity will be reduced to ensure we adhere to proper social distancing requirements.

Residential Student Housing

The Revolution Hotel, located a short walk from the Back Bay campus, is available for students requiring housing. There will be increased access to single rooms, with double rooms serving as our maximum capacity. The hotel has a common area in the lower level where students can adhere to social distancing measures while completing their studies. The hotel has implemented additional cleaning measures to ensure the health and safety of all residents. 

Contact: Dustin Martin, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Success, or (617)-217-9231.