Bay State College, Inc. is a for-profit corporation wholly owned by Ambow BSC Inc.

The institution provides notice as to the availability upon request of its publications and its most recent audited financial statement or a fair summary thereof.

Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to exercise the powers of the Board when necessary between regular meetings, subject to any limitations of law, and to perform other duties as directed by the full Board.

Nominating & Governance Committee

The Committee is responsible for identifying and evaluating individuals for Board and committee membership and chairs, making recommendations as to the size of the Board and its committees and as to the suitability of individual candidates for appointment to the Board. The Committee shall also make recommendations to the Board concerning the role of the Board in the corporate governance process of the College and oversee the evaluation of the Board and its committees.

Finance & Long Range Planning Committee

The primary function of the Finance & Long Range Planning Committee (the "Committee") is to assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to: (i) the adequacy of the College’s internal controls and financial reporting process and the reliability of the College’s financial statements, (ii) the independence and performance of the College’s external independent accounting firm, and (iii) the College's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

The primary function of the Academic & Student Affairs Committee (the "Committee") is to assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities to ensure the College’s academic programs are consistent with its mission and vision, are appropriate to a baccalaureate institution, and maintain a focus on quality and market relevance.

Title Date Format
Code of Ethics April 2008
Executive Committee Charter June 2015  
Corporate Governance Guidelines June 2015
Nominating & Corporate Governance Charter June 2015
Finance & Long Range Planning Charter June 2015
Academic & Student Affairs Charter June 2015

Committee Membership

Trustees Executive Committee Nominating & Corporate Governance Academic and Student Affairs Finance & Long Range Planning
Athea Bickford   X    
Dr. Gregory Carnes     X  
Shasha Chang        X                 X X               X
DR Widder                                           
Chiao Ling Hsu         X    X X
Feng Yang   x