2020-2025 Strategic Plan

The 2020-25 Strategic Plan was developed under the direction of the Strategic Planning Committee comprised of faculty and staff.  This Committee met regularly, conducted research, and convened meetings with students, faculty and staff to gather information related to the preferred future for the College.


During the Fall of 2019, the final work on the Plan was completed after interviews with key college leaders, and the review by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.  The final draft was presented to the entire Board for review and approval in December. 


The Strategic Plan was unanimously approved by the College's Board on December 17, 2019.  It serves as a guide for the future leadership and development of the College.


The 2020-25 Strategic Plan focuses on five (5) key Goals.  Each Goal includes both Strategies and Critical Outcomes.  The Five (5) Goals are:


1.   To strengthen and promote the College's commitment to its mission, vision and values;


2.   To advance the College's reputation and standing as a leading center of higher learning      serving all qualified students;         


3.   To increase the College's enrollment of students who are ready to be active members of our  learning community;


4.   To enhance public awareness, understanding and visibility of the College; and,


5.   To secure the necessary resources to support the mission and vision of the College.


You can review the entire 20-25 Strategic Plan at: Bay State College 2020-25 Strategic Plan