Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Bay State’s Office of Student Involvement and Leadership strives to provide a positive atmosphere of community involvement, for all students living both on and off campus. Our representatives of the office serve multiple roles throughout the office, such as advisors to student groups, chaperones for off-campus student trips, and several others that all promote a safe, yet fun environment for students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities.

Our student leaders serve as positive role models to others, encouraging taking an active approach in developing competencies such as leadership, self-efficacy, and team-work  to supplement concepts learned in the academic  classroom. In addition to advising student leaders of multiple organizations on campus, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership also promotes activities and programs from our office that directly impact the learning and development of our students at large.

Our mission is to provide a friendly, welcoming environment to ensure that every student attending Bay State College has the opportunity to feel supported and challenged in their home away from home.  As part of the Department of Student Affairs, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is located on the second floor of 31 St. James Avenue. Please stop by to learn how to become an active member in your Bay State community!

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