Official Withdrawal from the College - Student Initiated  

EFFECTIVE SPRING 2021 (AS OF 12/21/2020): BSC formerly used the Student Action Form (SAF) to request an official withdrawal from the college. As of Spring 2021, Student Action Forms will no longer be in use 

Students requesting to initiate an official withdrawal from the college will be required to complete and submit an Official Withdrawal Form. 

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Students should consult with their Academic Advisor and/or Department/Program Chair, Financial Aid Counselor and Student Affairs personnel, if appropriate, prior to officially withdrawing from the College. 


Students who withdraw from the College before fulfilling their graduation requirements must submit the Official Withdrawal from the College Form, once the Adobe Sign form is completed it is forwarded to their Department Chair/Academic Advisor for approvaland to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Students should not stop attending classes without first officially withdrawing from the College.  



  • Withdrawal from the College after the end of the add/drop deadline but before the withdrawal deadline will be recorded with a “W” grade.  
  • Withdrawal from the college after the Last Day to Withdraw will result in a punitive grade of "WF. 

See Academic Calendar for all deadlines and dates. 

What to know before submitting an Official Withdrawal request 

Students should refer to the College’s refund policy, Financial Aid, and/or Student Accounts for any financial obligations, tuition, or fee liabilities.  


Any resident student who withdraws from the College will be required to withdraw from the residence halls. By signing the Residence Agreement, students have committed to a contractual period that consists of a full academic year or summer term(s). Please refer to the Residence Agreement regarding withdrawal from the residence halls. Contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life & Student Success. 


What to know if you plato return to BSC 

Students who return to the College within two (2) years or less from their withdrawal are eligible to reenter BSC. Please refer to the Reentry to the College Policy located on the BSC Office of the Registrar webpage or contact your Advisor. If you are returning after more than two (2) years, refer to the Student Handbook. 


International F-1 Students 

International students must gain approval from aDesignated School Official (DSO)prior to withdrawing from the college. 


Veteran Students  

Veteran students who choose to withdraw from the college after their enrollment has been certified to VA must contact BSC’sSchool Certifying Official (SCO) to discuss the possible ramifications.  


Administrative Withdrawal 

Students who do not meet the College’s academic standards, who fail to adhere to the College's attendance policy, who do not adhere to? the warning guidelines determined by the Academic Standing and Integrity Committee, who are dismissed due to conduct violations?, or are non-responsive to official college correspondence can be administratively withdrawn by an Academic Advisor, Department/ Program Chair, or other College administrative staff. See Academic Calendar for all deadlines and dates. 


Students who return to the college within two (2) years or less from their administrative withdrawal are eligible to reenter Bay State. Students should refer to the Reentry to the College policy on the Office of the Registrar-- Reentry Students webpage or contact their Advisor. Students who are ready to return over two (2) years after their withdrawal should contact the Admissions Office to initiate readmission to the College.  


Withdrawal from the Residence Halls Only 

By signing the Residence Agreement, resident students have committed to a contractual period that consists of a full academic year or summer term(s). A resident is responsible for room and board charges for the entire term set forth in the Agreement. 


The resident will be charged for housing based on the date he or she moves into an on-campus room and the chart listed in the Residence Agreement. 


Should a student leave housing for any reason during the term of the Agreement, he or she will remain responsible for all housing-related charges. In the event that the student's contractual obligations can be assumed by a new resident, the withdrawn student may be eligible for release from these financial obligations based on his or her date of vacancy. The date of vacancy is defined as the date when the resident's belongings are completely removed from the room and all keys have been returned. If this date of vacancy falls between December 1 and the last day of final exams for the fall semester, the default date of vacancy will be the last day of final exams in all circumstances.  


Residents who fulfill all graduation requirements, spend a semester studying abroad in a Bay State-sponsored program, or become Community Advisors should speak with a Financial Aid Counselor about the process for obtaining a housing waiver.  


Residents who are not in good academic or disciplinary status as defined in this Handbook will be given the lowest priority in release.  

Contact the Student and Alumni Affairs Department for assistance or the  BSC Reslife webpage.