Alumni Achievements

Upon graduating from Bay State College many of our students have moved on to successful careers. Here a few of our success stories.

Bill Zinkowski

Bill Zinkowski, '13

Customer Service Manager
Innov-8, INC

I want to stay current and relevant in our ever changing business climate and global economy. My classes have made me more socially, globally, and technologically adept, and I am certainly more relevant than ever.

Erika Norville

Erika Norville, '13

Group Sales and Marketing
Blue Man Group

The thing I loved most about the program at Bay State was that all of my professors had some kind of industry experience outside of just teaching.

Myvette Fernandez

Myvette Fernandez, '12

Inbound Coordinator

There is so much more to the study of fashion than an extended trip to the mall. Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that is beyond borders. The best you can do is be ready and arm yourself with as much knowledge and experience as possible. Bay State College provided me with both.

A. Tita Antonopoulos

A. Tita Antonopoulos, '18

Entertainment Management Graduate
Live Nation at the Blue Hills Pavilion

I have a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Management. I can do just about anything with live music, artists, etc. that I want.

Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts, '12

Production Assistant
Blah Blah Blah Touring Inc.

I learned the importance of making informed decisions, the consequences of making poor ones, the rewards of putting on a great show, and all of the possibilities that can be accomplished with music.

Lindsey Pierre

Lindsey Pierre, '12

Office Manager
Diamond Chiropractic

I’ve really taken so much knowledge from my classes at Bay State and applied it to my day to day work. When I first started here, it was the information from classes like ‘Introduction to Healthcare’ that were helpful, but now that I’m conversing with these healthcare professionals every day, I’m grateful for classes like ‘Pharmacology’; something I never thought I would say.

Jamal George

Jamal George, '12

Entertainment Management Graduate
Boston Music Awards

Through Bay State Career Services I have met some great people and had amazing opportunities. This year, I became the Assistant Producer of the Boston Music Awards.

Tighan Favorite & Lindsey Zboroski

Tighan Favorite & Lindsey Zboroski, '13

Full-time Booking Agents
Dynasty Models & Talent

Katie Pallotta

Katie Pallotta, '11

Promotions Director
CBS Radio

Megan Duclos

Megan Duclos, '09

Senior Event Marketing Manager
Alex and Ani

I’m just happy to be part of this company. Every time I think something we’re doing is so cool, something better comes along that makes me think ‘I have the best job ever!'

Jose Perez

Jose Perez, '13

Audit Division
Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Take advantage of every opportunity you are given. My attitude was always 'Why not'? I experience a lot at Bay State College embracing this attitude.

Ketsia Fidelia

Ketsia Fidelia, '08

Senior Trade Management Specialist
MFS Investment Management

I was already employed at MFS while attending Bay State College, however, I was able to apply my training from Bay State to my current role which facilitated an enhancement in career development and growth.

Andrew Hatch

Andrew Hatch, '10

Physical Therapist Assistant
Boston Medical Center

The hands-on experience helped me to utilize learned skills and interact with people with real-life situations. I believe these opportunities helped me build the base for my career as a PTA.

Sara Schiffman

Sara Schiffman, '10

Box Office Manager
Cape Cod Melody Tent

Bay State did everything to prepare me. Looking back at all my Entertainment Management projects, they each introduced me to different situations I would later see on a daily basis when working in the Entertainment Management industry.

Henri Paquin

Henri Paquin, '07

Interim Office Manager
Fenway Health

[My Bay State education] gave me the fundamentals of knowledge... it prepared me to go on further after Bay State to get a higher degree.

Tam Hau

Tam Hau, '07

Assistant Fund Administrator
State Street Corporation

My education at Bay State College prepared me by teaching me about real world experiences that I could expect in the job market. I also learned from the team atmosphere, which I have brought to the workforce. With the help of career services, I found my job at State Street Corporation.

Christopher Morello

Christopher Morello, '93

Visual Manager

I've gained so many contacts over the years from Bay State College through other graduates and faculty. My first job in fashion merchandising was landed within two months of graduation. I felt it was very beneficial for me to go to school adjacent to Boston's fashion center, and to be immersed in the culture of my chosen field.