Requirements & Expectations


The faculty and staff at Bay State College would like to be one of the first to congratulate you on your pending achievement. Your hard work and dedication to your education deserve to be celebrated!

Below are academic and non-academic requirements you are expected to complete to help prepare you for your upcoming graduation. We encourage you to read through all the information presented to ensure you have completed all requirements and are prepared for graduation.

Pending Graduates for May and August should meet the following requirements by March 31, 2023.

  • Meet all academic requirements *. You must have a final cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or higher, have successfully completed all required courses in your major, and have earned the number of credits prescribed for the program in which you are enrolled. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions about these requirements. 
  • Complete the Application for Graduation*. Please note that a $50.00 degree completion fee is due with your application. Be sure to print your name as you wish it to appear on your diploma. Diplomas are mailed 4-6 weeks after conferral, so make sure to also provide the most up-to-date mailing address! This application must be completed by all Pending Graduates & Walkers** regardless of whether or not you are attending the Commencement ceremony.
  • Check with the Office of the Bursar to be sure you are in good financial standing *. Your student account must be settled with the College before your diploma or transcripts will be released. This includes paying any outstanding balances such as tuition, room and board, library fines, etc. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid Counselor to complete Exit Loan Counseling. Federal regulations require Bay State College to offer exit interviews with students who received any loans during their time at the College. 
  • Complete the Career Services Agreement Form and the Graduate Status Verification Survey. You will be emailed a link to the survey prior to your graduation date. Please contact the Associate Director of Career Services if you have questions about these requirements.
  • International students should meet with the Designated School Official regarding F-1 Status. The end of your academic program affects your F-1 status, so make sure to discuss your grace period options with the Designated School Official

* Students who fail to meet this requirement will not be able to participate in graduation exercises and will have their diploma/official transcript held until completed.

**Walking candidates are active students that have 2 courses or less to complete at the end of the Spring term/semester. The exception to this is for students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program who are eligible to walk with 3 courses or less due to differences in scheduling.