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Our prescription for a great career in healthcare?  Start with a strong foundation.

Knowledge really is the best medicine when you’re thinking about a future in healthcare.  And Bay State’s Associate Program in Health Studies is your best solution for discovering where your talents in healthcare really are—and how to add to them.

Through the Health Studies program, you can explore a wide range of career options while taking general education, science, and professional courses to build the foundation you need for a future in health care. You will also work closely with professors who are experts in their academic fields, as well as successful practitioners.

Graduates of Health Studies programs hold positions in different capacities in a wide range of professions in the health care industry- from positions in health promotion, education, administration, management, and clinical laboratory positions. In addition, graduates often apply credits toward a bachelor degree in a science or health related field, while others obtain certifications in a more specialized field.

Along the way to graduation, Bay State’s Career Services team will help you prepare for your career launch and even pinpoint job opportunities for you.  They’ll also review other options with you, such as continuing your healthcare studies at the bachelor's level.

Why miss your chance for a healthy career?  We’re ready to see you now.

Health Studies-Advanced Track 

The Health Studies- Advanced Track is a programthat is geared toward students interested in applying into the Nursing and PTA programs. These students have not met the admission criteria for PTA and Nursing, but who appear to be academically strong, committed and capable of meeting the criteria of the more selective and competitive health programs at Bay State College. The Health Studies- Advanced Track curriculum is a version of the Health Studies- Career Track curriculum, but with first and second semester courses that mirror the general education and science requirements of the nursing and PTA programs at the College. This will therefore provide the student a   smooth transition into the selected program, if and when at the end of their first year, after re-applying, they meet the admission criteria of nursing and PTA.

If you have interest in this program, please contact your admissions representative.

*Please Note: Enrolling in the Health Studies Advanced Track DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into another program such as the Nursing or PTA program at the end of the year and a student must re-apply.


The mission of the Health Studies Program at Bay State College is to provide students with an education that puts emphasis on science, general education and a variety of professional courses that will enable them to explore potential career paths in the healthcare industry. The program will expose and prepare the students to various employment opportunities and career advancement.

 Learning Objectives

  • All graduates will be able to:
  • Demonstrate preparedness to function in the role of a medical professional and as an essential member of the health care team.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of their knowledge of the human body and concepts related to life processes
  • Describe the nature of health and illness among various cultural groups and demonstrate an appreciation for the ways in which these cultures assess and treat illness.
  • Evaluate current health issues and promote health and wellness
  • Explain  regulations, guidelines, policies and laws relevant to the standards of medical practice and the health care industry in general
  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills,  self-management, professionalism and preparedness for careers
  • Effectively communicate verbally, non-verbally and in writing


Possible Careers

  • Medical Office Administrative Assistant
  • Science Technician
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Personal Care/Service Worker
  • Medical Records/Info Technician

Available at the Taunton Campus

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