Management - Finance Concentration

bachelors Degree

Our Finance Degree Program helps you understand why the true value of a career in finance can’t be measured in dollars and cents. Learn more about our Finance Degree Program.

With about $829 billion dollars now in circulation, there’s definitely a need for trained professionals to help the rest of us manage it. Today, nearly 8 million Americans have well-paid careers in the world of finance, from Wall Street to Main Street, and in industries ranging from insurance to accounting. So where do you make the best investment for a future in finance? The Bay State College Finance Degree Program.

Our new Finance Degree concentration in the school’s Bachelor of Science in Management program gives you the chance to prepare for success in fields like banking, financial services, and business management. Our Finance Degree Program provides an in-depth understanding of corporate finance, accounting, investments, taxation, currency, and capital markets, along with a solid foundation in related business fields, including marketing, management, IT, and operations.

Want real-world experience? Your Finance Degree Program professors will “show you the money.” All bring enormous executive know-how into the classroom, balancing financial theory with industry best practices from first-hand experience at organizations like Fidelity Investments, State Street, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Genzyme, and the State Auditor’ s Office. In short, you’ll learn what it really takes to thrive in the high-stakes finance sector.

In our Finance Degree Program, you’ll also gain experience yourself through two or more hands-on internships in the field. At the same time, our Career Services Office will work closely with you to match the best career direction to your interests, so you can reach your professional goals.

Want to make friends with the Benjamins? Fund your future at Bay State with our Finance Degree Program.


The mission of the Management program is to educate students in the science of management in an international arena with critical thinking skills, group dynamics, and research and practical applications through case analysis. At the completion of the program students will be able to contribute to areas within the field of management, or continue on towards a graduate education.

The management program uses several methods to stress skills necessary to compete in an ever-changing global economy. These skills include analytical skills of problem solving, presentation skills, case and group work, and the ability to perform business research, whether basic or applied, and to implement the results.

Learning Objectives

  • Integrate a set of ethical and legal standards into financial decision-making.
  • Examine and explore the increasing importance of globalization in financial management, including the identification and appropriate response to opportunities and threats in this global environment.
  • Analyze and propose solutions to complex real world financial and managerial problems.
  • Integrate financial analysis and expertise into a framework for business problem-solving and forecasting.
  • Utilize technology and demonstrate presentation skills necessary to compete and succeed in the business world.
  • Demonstrate the interpersonal skills required to function as a productive team member in defining management problems, determining alternatives, achieving consensus and evaluating results.

Possible Careers

  • Credit Analyst
  • Currency Trader
  • Investment Broker
  • Controller
  • Branch Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Loan Officer
  • Financial Analyst