What to Expect

Students enrolled in a Bay State College online degree program can expect to achieve the same learning outcomes they would if they were taking their course at one of Bay State’s on ground campuses in the Back Bay of Boston or in Taunton, MA.

However, there are differences in the way students interact with their professors, classmates, and course materials online as compared to attending class on campus. 

  • Hours not spent in a classroom will be made up with lectures, readings, discussions and other coursework. 
  • Online students must be disciplined and have excellent time management skills to be successful with their classes.
  • Discussions and other course activities are held asynchronously, not at the same time, so students can choose the days and times they login to class. Students should expect to participate online four to five different days a week to meet all the assignment deadlines for each course they are enrolled in.
  • Other course activities will take place offline but are of no less importance. Expect to participate often.

Bay State online students receive a high level of support. Just as in our campus based classes our online classes have a dedicated instructor who is there to help throughout the term. Additionally there are library, tutoring, advising and career services available to all online students.

Building a community of learners is part of the role of all of our online students. Each student is expected to participate and share ideas several times a week in the threaded online discussions. Many online students, and even the faculty, say that the rich discussion in the online classes makes them feel like they get to know their classmates better than they might have in a classroom. Those who are sometimes hesitant to share ideas in a live class are often more forthcoming with their thoughts online. Expect to broaden your network.

If you are ready for the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or associate degree from an accredited private college in Boston’s Back Bay then Bay State College Online is here for you. Expect a better future; talk to one of our admissions representative’s now at 617-217-9008.



What is the acceptance criteria for your programs?


The acceptance criteria differs by program.

All applicants must:

  • Submit a complete application
  • Secure the recommendation of an Assistant Director of Admissions
  • The admissions office reserves the right to request additional supporting material

To be considered for acceptance into our Associate Degree programs:

  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 out of a 4.0 scale
  • Letter(s) of recommendation are encouraged

To be considered for acceptance into our Bachelor Degree programs:

  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.3 out of a 4.0 scale is expected
  • A minimum of one letter of recommendation is required unless candidate has a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5 out of a 4.0 scale