Transfer Students for Online Undergraduate Degrees

If you are considering transferring to Bay State from another college or university to pursue an Online Undergraduate Degree, you’re in good company!

Many of our students in the online division have transferred to Bay State because of our convenience and flexibility.  Bay State College Online Division gives you the opportunity to receive a quality education on your own schedule. If you are currently a student and want to supplement your education with online classes or you are looking to become a full-time online student, the Bay State College Online program can make the difference.

If you are entering the Online Associate Degree program, you may transfer no more than 30 credits. If you are entering the Bachelor Degree Online program, you may transfer no more than 90 credits.

So you’d like to see how many credits will transfer to Bay State from your previous institution(s)? Here are your first few steps:

1) Submit your college transcripts to Bay State College at 122 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA 02116 or fax/email to 617-249-0400 or

  • Complete this step the same day you submit your application for enrollment.
  • College transcripts will be reviewed upon receipt; however final transfer credits will not be approved until the Official copy is received.

2) Your transcript will be reviewed by your advisor, our Online Student Coordinator, and the final number of transfer credits will be approved by our Registrar upon receipt of your official transcripts and any other necessary documentation.

3) You will receive a copy of a degree audit from your advisor after all transcripts and other necessary documentation has been received. The degree audit will show the classes required for graduation from the program you have chosen with all transfer credits marked clearly for you to see.

Important Information (Links) About the Transfer Credit Process

Transfer Credit Requirements

Transfer Credit for AP and CLEP Exams

Prior Learning Assessment & Credit for Prior Learning


How much does an evening class cost?


  • $380 per credit
  • $50 lab fee

For more information on Tuition and Fees, visit