Online Business Management Degree - Marketing Concentration

By the end of this sentence, we will sell you on a career in marketing using just three words: Bay State College. With our Online Degree in Marketing, we'll show you how.

If you have a serious interest in marketing, and the determination to give it your best, we’ve got the degree to get you there. Bay State’s Online Marketing Degree is a top-notch professional program that focuses on tested theories and new realities in the discipline that drives strategy, sales, advertising, branding, and creative design around the world. We don’t promise you any short cuts, but we can show you a fast lane to a great career of your choice.

Without solid marketing behind it, no product, service or idea can be successful in today’s consumer-driven economy, on the Web or off. So no matter where your professional goals lie, marketing will play a key role. Our Online Marketing Degree program will take you to the heart of marketing, giving you the vital insights you need to learn how to create value for today’s consumers and businesses.

All of our Online Degree in Marketing classes are taught by professors who are successful marketing professionals themselves, providing you with real-world, first-hand knowledge from the front lines of business.

Options? Of course—you can apply to the Online Marketing Degree program even before you’re accepted at Bay State College.  You also can choose to get your BS in Management and make marketing your focus in our online undergraduate degree program. And, our Career Services professionals will help you prepare for a win with your first marketing job.

Our Marketing Degree Online classes offer you the greatest degree of flexibility around busy schedules, but still provide you with the same high level of support and personal interaction that you’d find in our classrooms. Plus, all reflect the Bay State College standard of quality and are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

From the classroom to the conference room, no other program gives you a smarter way to launch your career in marketing than ours. Sales talk? No, it’s the truth with our Bachelor Degree Marketing Online.


How many courses should I take per semester?


Bay State College recommends that each student enroll in two courses per term. This means that a student would complete two courses every 8 weeks.