Online Criminal Justice Degree - Security Concentration

Who can we depend on to help secure an uncertain world? With our Online Criminal Justice Degree, it could be you.

Today, America finds itself surrounded, domestically as well as internationally, by those who potentially could do us harm.  This fact is driving new initiatives in security as both a science and a profession, spearheaded by our government’s own Department of Homeland Security and anti-terrorist efforts.  At the same time, a different and yet very similar undeclared war is raging in cyberspace, as highly organized teams of hackers seek to penetrate our software defenses and disrupt our most sensitive and important data systems. Our Online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree with a concentration in security couldn’t be more crucial.

In both regards, new approaches in security are urgently needed, so that our citizens as well as critical systems and information are protected.  Bay State’s Online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree with a Private Security Concentration addresses this need at the source, by training professionals to understand the complex challenges we face in these areas and seek new ways of elevating and managing security measures.

Through our Online Criminal Justice Degree Program with a Security Concentration, your professors will help you gain a greater insight into those vital areas involved in modern security:

  • Financial accounting
  • Legal issues of private security
  • Physical security
  • Security management
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Disaster Management

In addition as part of our online undergraduate degree, you’ll be introduced to new career opportunities in the emerging fields of personal, physical, territorial and information security among others.

Plus, our Online Criminal Justice Degree- Security Concentration classes offer you flexibility around busy schedules, but still provide you with the same high level of support and personal interaction that you’d find in our classrooms.  All reflect the Bay State College standard of quality and are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

To keep the bad guys at bay, you need to think smarter.  With our Online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree, we'll show you how.

Possible Careers

  • University Police Officer
  • Homeland Security Expert
  • Criminologist

What degrees are offered?


Associates Degrees:

  • Business Administration
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Retail Business Management
  • Medical Assisting
  • Hospitality Management
  • Entertainment Management
  • Criminal Justice

Bachelor’s Degrees:

  • Management
  • Management, Marketing Concentration
  • Management, Finance Concentration
  • Management, Hospitality Management Concentration
  • Entertainment Management
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice, Security Concentration