Tuition & Fees

Bay State College's Financial Aid Office is available to help students attain their educational goals in our Online Undergraduate Degree Program. Bay State College encourages all students to apply for both federal and state financial aid programs. Financial Aid Counselors are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the fees listed below. For an estimate of your annual cost, please contact the Financial Aid Department. All tuition and fees subject to change.

2014-15 Tuition Charges

Day Division Students:

Tuition charges are assessed on a per credit hour basis and program of study.  This provides students with maximum flexibility based on individual financial and academic needs, ultimately making a Bay State College education more accommodating and affordable.  Rates quoted below are for the 2014-15 academic year. Charges are not prorated unless noted.

                                      2015-2016   2014-2015  
Program Cost Per Credit Cost for 30 Credits Cost Per Credit Cost for 30 Credits
Health Studies/Medical Assisting* $786 $23,580 $749 $22,470  
Accounting* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Business Administration* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Criminal Justice* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Fashion Merchandising* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Fashion Design* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Entertainment Management* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Hospitality Management* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Management* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Information Technology* $876 $26,280 $826 $24,780
Nursing (RN to BSN)**     $550 $16,500
  Cost Per Credit Cost for 35 Credits (FT) Cost Per Credit Cost for 35 Credits (FT)

Physical Therapy Assistant*



$849 $25,470


$876 $30,660 $849 $25,470

*Program flow sheets may require more or less than 30 credits per academic year. 
**Tuition is based on 2014/2015 academic year and is subject to change going forward. If a student stops out and returns to the program at a later date, it is possible that the tuition may have increased.

Evening Division Students:

For the 2014-15 Academic Year, tuition is charged for Evening Students at the rate of $340 per credit hour. 

Online Students:

For the 2014-15 Academic Year, tuition is charged for Online Students at the rate of $368 per credit hour. 

Summer Session

For summer 2015, some summer day classes are offered at a reduced rate of $368 per credit.  Check with Bay State College for more information.


Breakdown of Fees

Fees for All Students

  • Tuition Deposit: $100 ($250 for Nursing students)Payable upon receipt of the acceptance letter. This nonrefundable deposit is applied to tuition charges

  • New Student Orientation Fee: $25 (DAY Division students only-payable with Tuition Deposit)
  • Online Technology Fee: $75 per online course

  • Late Payment Fee: $25

  • International Fee: New Students $100 annually, Returning Students $35 per semester
  • Books and Supplies -The cost of books and supplies varies depending on the courses taken each semester.

Program Fees for Day Students

  • Health and Human Services Program Fee: $1000- Charged annually to all Day students enrolled in the Health Studies/Medical Assistant, and Physical Therapist Assistant programs. This fee is nonrefundable. 

  • Nursing Program Fee: $1300-Charged annually to all Day students enrolled in the Nursing program.  This fee is nonrefundable.
  • Fashion Design Program Fee: $800-Charged annually to all Day students enrolled in the Fashion Design program.  This fee is nonrefundable. 

  • Entertainment Management Audio Production Program Fee: $600-Charged annually to all Day students enrolled in the Entertainment Management Audio Production program.  This fee is nonrefundable. 

  • Program Fee for all other majors (including non- degree students): $500-Charged annually to all Day students not in above majors.  This fee is nonrefundable.
  • RN to BSN Program Fee: $40- Charged Annually to all students enrolled in the RN to BSN program.  This fee is nonrefundable

*Some fees may be prorated for students starting classes in semesters other than Fall.

Fees for Evening Students

  • Program Fee: $42-Fee assessed each semester to all students.
  • Lab Fee: $50 per course- The lab fee is assessed of each Evening Division student where a lab component is included in the course.

Fees for Online Students

  • Program Fee: $25 Fee assessed each semester to all students

Other Fees

  • Insufficient Funds (NSF): $30
  • Late Fee: $25
  • Security Card Replacement (ID): $25 (subject to increase with SmartCard implementation)
  • Library Late Fee: $25
  • Library book replacement Cost: Market value
  • Official Transcript Fee: $10-$20
  • Graduation Fee: $50
  • Cori $50-$100
  • CPR Course Material $50
  • Online Lab Course Material: $120 (approx)
  • Health Insurance: $1459 (if applicable)
  • TEAS (Test of Academic Skills), Nursing program only: $60-$75

Residence Hall Fees

Resident Hall Deposit $300

Each incoming student wishing to live in our on-campus housing facilities for the fall must submit a completed Residence Agreement and also a $300 Deposit to reserve the space.  Upon occupancy, this initial deposit will be applied as the student’s Security Deposit.  The Security Deposit is only refundable once the student attends classes and permanently withdraws from housing without damages to the housing facility.

Room and Board: $11,800

The Room and Board fee is assessed annually and covers all housing expenses.  Rooms are doubles, triples and larger.  Includes 14 meals per week.  Students can select from breakfast and either lunch or dinner during the week and brunch and dinner on weekends.  This fee is nonrefundable.  (Limited single rooms available for an additional $3,000)

Residence Hall Technology Fee: $300

A residence hall technology fee of $300 is charged to all students who reside on campus. The fee covers items including hardware and service for Internet access and cable television in rooms and common areas.

Questions? Contact:

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