Management - Healthcare Management

Develop the managerial skills required to work in today's regulated, complex health care field.

Greater Boston is home to the world’s best and largest hospitals, medical research facilities, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms; the healthcare industry is the largest in Massachusetts, accounting for nearly 17% of employment in the state.  

The healthcare industry needs trained professionals who understand both how to manage an organization and what healthcare is all about, and there is a growing shortage of managers educated in the business of healthcare.   According to Justin Hirsch in Fortune Magazine, "People often overlook the fact that businesspeople run health care companies.”  Bay State College recognizes this fact, and will prepare you to enter this rapidly expanding field.

The curriculum in the Healthcare Management Program at Bay State College is designed to give you a solid foundation in the essential elements of the healthcare industry, while teaching you how to manage people and resources for maximum effectiveness.  Through courses in medical terminology, medical ethics, and anatomy and physiology, students gain an understanding of essential medical issues, while business-oriented coursework in management, marketing, finance, operations, human resource management, and strategy teach you how to run successful organizations.  If you want to be at the forefront of the leading industry in Massachusetts, the Bay State Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management can take you there!

Possible Careers

  • Medical Office Administrative Assistant
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Benefits Coordinator

What kind of support can a student expect?



  • Our class sizes are small (most have around 15 students) and our dedicated faculty are available for assistance throughout the duration of each term.  Students should not hesitate to contact their instructors for help.  
  • Library services are available 24/7.  Students can remotely access the on campus library databases and other library resources.  During staffed library hours the Bay State College librarians are available for to assist students as well via chat, phone or in person.  
  • Career services are available to all students for help with interviewing techniques, resume writing, networking and job searching.