Fashion Merchandising

Thank you for your interest in the B.S. in Fashion Merchandising program. Bay State College is no longer accepting applications for this program. Please refer to the B.S. in Management, Fashion Industry Concentration.

What could be smarter than breaking into fashion merchandising? Succeeding at it.

Have a mind for business and a passion for fashion? Bay State’s Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising can help you get those great ideas out of your head and onto the runway.

We’ll start by introducing you to the art and science of merchandising and the business of fashion. You’ll learn about consumer behavior as it applies to design and market research. You’ll study the impact of globalization on the fashion industry. And, you’ll analyze retail management theories and techniques through class discussion—all in a creative and fun environment you don’t find in many college programs.

Plus, our internships and seminar program will give you real hands-on working experience to jump-start your career. And, our Career Services office will help you with everything from identifying the great jobs in fashion to interview coaching.

Do you have a new look in mind? Show us!

Learning Objectives

Through the Bachelor Degree in Fashion Merchandising, you will:
  • Gain the ability to design and apply market research plans and strategies based upon the study of consumer behavior and psychological theories.
  • Be able to apply retail management theories and techniques to real-world situations.
  • Understand the increasing importance of globalization and its impact on fashion marketing and manufacturing.
  • Have competency in solving complex real-world business problems in fashion merchandising.
  • Broaden your cultural knowledge through the creative use and analysis of research, inspirational museum materials, and library resources on historical periods in the context of fashion trends, forecasting, and planning.
  • Demonstrate higher-level critical thinking by completing comprehensive case analyses that are multi-faceted and require solutions derived from the application of cross-disciplinary business and general studies skills.
  • Further develop your historical knowledge and contemporary awareness, through exploration of the culture of design and art, of the inner-relationships of emotion, intellect, attitudes, and their collective experiences, as part of the creative process.


The mission of the Bachelor program in Fashion Merchandising is to prepare students for professional careers or graduate education in fashion business disciplines by providing teaching excellence in a curriculum that advances creativity, global awareness, and current business practices.

Through a curriculum based on sequential learning and requirements in the areas of fashion merchandising, general education, and business classes, the Fashion Merchandising program stresses analytical skills that allow students to understand the complex environment of fashion merchandising and marketing.  In addition, the concepts of rhetoric, philosophical debate, and aesthetic sensibility, inherent in an enriched general education curriculum, prepare students to be reasoning and sensitive thinkers and, thus, valuable members of an ever-changing marketplace.

Possible Careers

  • Purchasing Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Wholesale or Retail Buyer

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