Entertainment Management

Every successful show needs a ringmaster. We’ll teach you how to crack the whip.

Global entertainment—in 2011, it’s estimated to be worth $2 trillion. From video console games and movies to theater and music, the entertainment industry has never been bigger, brasher and more innovative. That’s why it’s never been a better time to break into the business of entertainment than today—through Bay State’s Associate Degree in Entertainment Management.

Our program can help you master the art of presentation, negotiation, marketing and management—all of the skills you need to succeed behind the scenes in the entertainment world.  Our curriculum will introduce you to all of the exciting facets of entertainment management, including courses in the Music Industry and Venue Management.

And our faculty, most of whom have entertainment industry experience, will help you develop a real mind for the business with a true insider’s perspective. In fact, the strength of our in-class work is rivaled only by the experience you’ll gain in the real-world internships we offer.

Plus, when you graduate in just two years, our Career Services Office will help you find the best entertainment management jobs out there and at every step throughout your career.

Are you ready? It’s showtime!

Learning Objectives

Through the Associate Degree in Entertainment Management, you will:
  • Demonstrate his or her ability to communicate effectively with performers, vendors, and industry professionals through oral and written communication.
  • Identify and evaluate issues of ethical responsibility as they relate to the entertainment industry and society as a whole.
  • Demonstrate and integrate his or her critical thinking and decision-making skills as they apply to the entertainment field.
  • Apply and critique his or her working knowledge of technological applications.
  • Differentiate and evaluate the organizational structures and management practices of business, venues, and facilities used for entertainment and recreation.
  • Recognize and identify the legal issues relating to the entertainment industry.
  • Research, plan and assess his or her effective transition to the workplace.


The mission of the Associate Degree in Entertainment Management program at Bay State college is to provide students with a strong academic foundation of technical and business skills needed to be successful in music, arts, performing arts, sports and media management upon graduation. This combination of business and industry specific courses helps students develop decision-making and problem solving skills that contribute to overall professional growth.

Possible Careers

  • Booking Agent Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Concert Production Staff Member
  • Entrepreneur
  • Music Marketing/Promotions Assistant
  • Venue Staff Member

How much does an evening class cost?


  • $315 per credit
  • $50 lab fee

For more information on Tuition and Fees, visit http://www.baystate.edu/evening/tuition-financial-aid/tuition-fees/