Retail Management

There are a million potential customers ready to try your product. Now, how do you let them know?

The answers lie in Retail Management, the professional discipline that guides all successful retail operations, from the corner store to major department stores and every type of on-line business.

No matter whether you want to be an independent store owner, a regional manager, or a retail operations director, a deep understanding of Retail Management is essential to your success.  Bay State’s Associate Program in Retail Management will give you just that—and more.

Designed with the fashion industry in mind, our program offers you the chance to combine fashion classes with business courses and electives.  Guest speakers, internship opportunities, and field trips also provide students with valuable, real-world experiences. The result is a powerfully integrated perspective that prepares you best for the many opportunities ahead.

Want to get out there on the floor to sell the hottest fashion lines?  Start with us.

Optional Minors

Students earning an Associate Degree in Retail Management have the option of earning either a Minor in Fashion Design or a Minor in Fashion Merchandising. Using a combination of Open Electives and Program Electives listed here, students would be able to complete the 5 (five) courses necessary for either minor. Please note that the Business Department also offers additional minors, and if a student is interested in doing so, they are encouraged to see their Academic Adviser for more information.


What is the student body makeup?


At Bay State College, the Male to Female Ratio: 30:70