Office of International Student Affairs

Founded in 1946, Bay State College is a small, private college located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. For years, students from all over the world have prepared for rewarding careers at Bay State College and enjoyed all that Boston has to offer.

And those students didn't have to do it on their own. From admissions all the way through to graduation, we have a support team here to help you through it all.

International students from more than 22 countries are happy to call Bay State College their home. And those numbers are growing. For the past three years we have grown our international population significantly. And we expect the coming years to be no different.



We currently have students from: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominica Republic, Egypt, France, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

How does Bay State College continue to grow its international population?


Through a partnership with EduCo International Group, a leading provider of education and related services for students and partners around the world, Bay State College has the ability to reach students looking to study in the US from many different countries around the globe.  EduCo not only allows us to meet these students, but provides us with the resources needed to support them through a successful college career. To learn more about EduCo, please visit

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