Graduate Year Experience (GYE)

Congratulations on your pending graduation! It is never too early to start envisioning your graduation day! We realize you are probably overwhelmed with everything you are hearing your last semester here at Bay State, but just want you to remember three little letters that you will see in the next few weeks: GYE

Bay State College GYE is a REQUIRED event held prior to graduation each fall/spring to prepare students for their upcoming graduation and to ease the transition from college student to college graduate. 

At GYE students have an opportunity to meet with Bay State College departments to complete graduation requirements in a convenient one stop location.  They can clear their account balance, complete student loan exit counseling, turn in required graduation paperwork, and meet with our Career Services office.  This event combines required business with a little fun, including raffles, giveaways, and often times a celebrity appearance from our mascot Brennan the Bulldog. 

During student loan exit counseling each student is given an individual packet of information tailored to their personal borrowing history.  Each student meets individually with our Default Prevention Specialist to go over their entire Financial Aid record and is able to ask any questions about how to move forward. 

Please RSVP to our next GYE event by filling out this form.