President's Office

The President's Office is in charge of the oversight of Bay State College. With the help of faculty and staff, President Stacy L. Sweeney, Ed.D. guides the college in making the best decisions for students, alumni, and faculty.

President Sweeney holds a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from Antioch University, McGregor, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications & Rhetoric from the University of Pittsburgh. Dedicated to serving her community, President Sweeney is currently a member of the Advisory Council for Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Depression Clinical and Research Program (DCRP) where she has served as a Committee Member and co-chair for various fundraising galas for the DCRP. In addition to her work with MGH, President Sweeney serves on the Board of Directors for the Boston Center for the Arts. President Sweeney has also been a frequent guest lecturer at Boston University’s Graduate School of Education covering leadership topics in for-profit Higher Education.

In April of 2015, Sweeney successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania and fulfilled all course requirements for the Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management Ed.D. program with her degree conferral slated for the summer of 2015.  Sweeney’s dissertation topic, How Innovative Strategies Can Impact Fiscal Strength: Supporting a Culture of Innovation at Small Colleges, is a potential best practices list for small colleges interested in using innovative strategies to become stronger financially while improving the student experience.