Dining Services

There's something to be said for having a good meal among friends. As a student you'll need healthy choices to keep you going, particularly during finals week! As such, Bay State College is committed to bringing its students a high quality dining experience.

Bay State College's Dining Hall is located in the garden level of 125 Commonwealth Avenue, across from the main campus building and one block from your nearest classroom.

Resident student meal plans are included in the price of room and board. Commuter students may sign up for a meal plan as well. All meals are "All-you-can-eat," and served during typical dining hours.

Features include a salad bar, deli bar, pizza, and a selection of hot entrees at each meal, as well as an array of beverages and desserts.

Dining services are provided through ARAMARK, a leading provider of dining services to U.S. colleges, universities and preparatory schools.

ARAMARK is committed to providing a wide range of healthy choices for students that fit their own style. They work closely with suppliers, dietitians, and chefs to find the most innovative and tasteful selections for Bay State's students. To stay connected to the campus community, they meet regularly with Bay State's student services team to hear their feedback and ideas.