"I graduated from Salve Regina University with a master’s degree. My course of study was the Administration of Justice. The bulk of my course work was constitutional law and case studies in the study of law.
  I have 24 years of law enforcement experience most of which was with the Coventry, Rhode Island Police Department.  I started my career on the midnight shift in the patrol division.  I was also involved in the traffic division, marine patrol, honor guard, elderly affairs liaison and was certified in the use of the department’s ATV.
  I then moved to the detective division. I was in charge of the BCI (bureau of criminal identification) unit. I was trained as an accident re-constructionist, fingerprint analyst, blood spatter analyst, in ballistics and several other disciplines.  I ran the police department’s lab and evidence room. 
  I was awarded the distinguished service ribbon and was honored as officer of the year. I was also honored by the United States Navy with a citation for assisting them with a murder investigation."